Friday 17 June 2011

Disneyland, BC for mountain bikers!

This was an awesome adventure that Johnny Smoke (Bush Pilot Tours), Wade, Arthur and friends took me on. It was heli-biking high above Squamish on a fabled trail called Disneyland! Long, steep, and gnarly with killer views almost the whole way. One of the best rides of my life for sure but I've only done it once. Gotta do  it again!

Bromance and toy helicopters! ha ha

Awesome rock on my Flatline pimped out with Race Face and 888's on Disneyland.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Tippie and Layne Marett ride "None of Your F*cking Business" on the North Shore. ha ha

You never turn down a chance and invitation to ride with long time North Vancouver resident Layne Marett. He's been riding the shore since the Dead Sea was just sick. He knows the mtn's like the back of his hand, is a very skilled descender and technical rider, yet is so totally not a sandbagger and gives quick yet accurate verbals descriptions of the trail unfolding while keeping the flow of the ride! He's a master mechanic, joke telling, fellow father buddy of mine.

I joined him for a rip on the Shore and was given a tour of Cypress medium flow/tech trails hat ended in Layne's latest trail he's built. When asked what we were riding, he replied, "None of your f*cking business" with a twinkle in his eye. This was also a punchline of a joke I had burned him on earlier and was the best possible response. My guts were hurting from laughter so much I had to stop, pull over, & belly laugh as hard as I could. He kills me.

He was rocking his Banshee Legend MK11, 888's and Raceface Atlas cranks and I was rocking my Rocky Flatline done out with Atlas and 888's too. Pimp machines for these old boys. We stopped to take a few pics you see here at the rock known as the "mini van".  Amy and Cooper Marett were our shuttle drivers and I have to say thank you for the wicked session. Til next time and cheers to the Marett clan for a great ride!

Monday 30 May 2011

Biggest 4x4 jump EVER! - Team Hot Wheels

Leigh Donovan's Racing History Video

9x U.S. National mountain bike champion, 95' world champion and 2001 world cup champion - Leigh Donovan is one of my favorite mtb racers ever. I love her laugh and personality. She rocks! Check out this great video!
Leigh Donovan highlights from stikman glaspell on Vimeo.

She's sponsored already!

This is my little girls Jessamy Tippie's 1st poster! Fully sponsored at 2.5 years old! 
We would like to thank Giro helmets, John Henry's and the WESTERN OPEN RACE for their support!

Sunday 29 May 2011

US Open Downhill video

US Open 2011 Downhill on

Coaching for Endless Biking today in brilliant sunshine on the shore!

Had a wicked day coaching some young rippers on Ladies Only on Fromme in the am. Digger has worked like crazy making this trail a work of art! Magic! In the afternoon I had an adult crew doing a Drops clinic. We worked on perfect form on different size. Everyone there got a wheelie drop and a manual drop lunge. Still stoked to be so stoked on their progression. It's a buzz for sure getting people psyched and helping them attain new levels. It's cool to work with people that are buzzingly happy and pumped. :syched to coach more skills and people!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Silvia - The Kids Behind the Cameras

Silvia is a three part collaboration of riders and artists combining their varying styles on the bike and their common angles of creativity behind the camera.
Karl Heinz Heldt and Matt Miles with Dylan Sherrard behind the camera absolutely rip up Harper Mtn.
More about it here at Pinkbike

My daughter Jessamy riding the tech...

Saturday 28 May 2011

Just the Tip webisode from Opening Day of Whistler Bike Park

Had a lot of fun up at Whistler on opening day. Sunshine, a dozen trails, and the hardcore crew were all back for more good times. Was stoked to have the support of the mtn and to learn tons about using the GoPro camera's from Jaymo himself. I love this mtn biking/filming thing!

Opening Day with Brett Tippie on

Coached ripping 10-14 year old mtb'ers for Escape Adventures at Whistler

Just returned from a day of coaching my Escape Adventures Freeride junior team in the Whistler Bike Park. My tailgunner Cole Carter and buddy Baker ripped the park with riders Stirling, Owen, Jackson and Sam. They're all good little riders so we could roll quite fast. Had a buncha laps, a fine mist of morning precip turned into sunshine, 1 crash and charlie horse for the crew, small lift lines for a Saturday, my Rocky ran perfect, and we travelled up in style in Escapes black van with flames and mags. The soil was grippy everywhere with the odd muddy hole. Good times! We all had fun and are psyched for more.

Riding The North Shore

Video by Taylor Loughran

Thursday 26 May 2011

Freeride Kids

Had a blast coaching my Escape Adventures freeride kids today. We carved, pumped, and aired our bikes down Bobsled, a super fun, flowy, DH pumptrack of a trail on Mt. Fromme on the north shore. Yahooo!

YouTube TimeMachine - Destination: 1994

Pulp Traction - Specialized [Part 1/2] 1994

Pulp Traction - Specialized [Part 2/2] 1994

Shadrack Meshack Abednigo - Total Goombah 1994

Coaching MTB in beautiful BC!

I'm pumped to share some mtb shreducation with the youth and adults ripping singletrack on the North Shore. I'm coaching kids for ESCAPE ADVENTURES and adults for ENDLESS BIKING. (I will also be coaching campers this summer for a month at the Camp of Champions in Whistler this June and July.) Fun, fun, fun! Come on out and learn to rip even better than you do now!


Wednesday 25 May 2011

DEEP thoughts with Brett Tippie

Slednecks14 Trailer!!

Wades Excellent Adventure and the Fromme Cup

Come race/ride some all-mtn sweetness and have a good time at Wade Simmons Excellent Adventure.
Teams of 2,5 (corporate max 5) or 8 (citizen).
I'll be on the mic and have a few new jokes and a lotta old ones!
ha ha See you there!!!
Click here to find out more at NSMB

MTB Trails | Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides

Check out Wade Simmons new guide book for the North Shore. It's awesome!!!!

Happy Days!

Dropped off my 2010 Rocky hardtail today at HQ to be replaced by a 2011 soon. Picked up my Rocky/Canucks jersey and some new Maxxis rubber, saw the Niteriding shots Margus Riga and I shot last night at midnight and then watched the new GoPro edit "Just the Tip" from opening day of the Whistler Bike Park that's appearing on Pinkbike right before watching the Canucks advance to the Stanley Cup Finals! Busy, busy but happy days!

Monday 23 May 2011

Welcome to my Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An old man goes to his doctor

An old man goes to his doctor. The doctor says "i got some bad news, you have Cancer and you have Alzheimer's." The old man says "at least i don't have Cancer!"