Wednesday 1 June 2011

Tippie and Layne Marett ride "None of Your F*cking Business" on the North Shore. ha ha

You never turn down a chance and invitation to ride with long time North Vancouver resident Layne Marett. He's been riding the shore since the Dead Sea was just sick. He knows the mtn's like the back of his hand, is a very skilled descender and technical rider, yet is so totally not a sandbagger and gives quick yet accurate verbals descriptions of the trail unfolding while keeping the flow of the ride! He's a master mechanic, joke telling, fellow father buddy of mine.

I joined him for a rip on the Shore and was given a tour of Cypress medium flow/tech trails hat ended in Layne's latest trail he's built. When asked what we were riding, he replied, "None of your f*cking business" with a twinkle in his eye. This was also a punchline of a joke I had burned him on earlier and was the best possible response. My guts were hurting from laughter so much I had to stop, pull over, & belly laugh as hard as I could. He kills me.

He was rocking his Banshee Legend MK11, 888's and Raceface Atlas cranks and I was rocking my Rocky Flatline done out with Atlas and 888's too. Pimp machines for these old boys. We stopped to take a few pics you see here at the rock known as the "mini van".  Amy and Cooper Marett were our shuttle drivers and I have to say thank you for the wicked session. Til next time and cheers to the Marett clan for a great ride!

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